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Quant Auto Solutions


Items appear instantaneously with every filter adjustment.

Closely relevant options appear with visual cues based on the proprietary Recursive Lookup Method.


Intuitive and non-restrictive searches deliver accurate results in a fraction of a second.

Intelligent website search engine with queries analysis.


Effortlessly deploy forms, wizards, content, menus and all other website components independent of the site platform.

Self containing logic-controlled modules tailored to increase visitor engagement.


Track complete customer journey with multiple visits, channels, devices and CRM status.

User engagement monitoring and customer interest recognition. Ideal for Google Ads and other marketing ROI.


No platform dependencies and seamless integration with any framework or CMS

Client-side computing for unlimited scaling.

Works with any data and supports arrays of unlimited nested objects (json)

Non-breaking SEO URL structure.

Template based responsive UI for instant customization.

Unit conversion with value display mutation, supports multiple languages.

Full admin area to set up catalog items, classes, attributes and values (multiple possible per single attribute).

Reporing suite with Search+Filter analytics and Customer Summaries.

In full compliance with EU and US privacy regulations.


Suggestive Catalog Filter

Instantly displays results based on user input with no database calls. Supports multiple selections withing the same filter block independent of the selection order.

Algorythmicaly (Recursive Lookup Method) sugests closely relevant additional items with available item counts and deselected checkboxes.

Create unlimited filter blocks with checkbox, radio, range + single or multiple head, reversed min/max, select and text inputs.

Recursive Lookup Method logic:

      Filter   URL parameters                       Filter content sets

      Block A  ?type=basketball-shoes;running-shoes
      Block B  &brand=nike                          ^A:B
      Block C  &size=ten                            ^A:B+C   ^B:A+C
      Block D  &width=narrow                        ^A:B+C+D ^B:A+C+D  ^C:A+B+D

      ^ = put suggestive results
      ! = not, e.g. !C = don't update C

Supports unlimited filter blocks!

Perceptive Search

Synonym Mapping

Guide users to the right results by creating your own synonym maps.


       "big car"      -> "SUV"
       "knuckle lift" -> "articulating boom lift"
Term Modifiers
Prefix terms with modifiers to enable searching by ranges.

       ">100ft"     -> "showing all items over 100ft on given search key"
       "white +red" -> "showing all white and red results"

       otherwise it would yield no results since there are no "reds" in "white"
Misspellings Tolerance

Search engines correct typos if the letters are in the same order.

       For example:

       "word" yields "world", but "wrold" would not produce a match w/o LDA.

Our engine utilizes the Levenshtein Distance algorithm to correctly interpret the spelling of the intended word.


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